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At Vacation Rental Authority, you’ll find a proven team whose professionalism, integrity, and passion for success exceeds anything the North Idaho area has seen before.

Since 2012, the VRA team has gained unparalleled results in the CDA vacation rental market, and thrives on helping our clients reach their goals.  

Vacation Rental Authority has become an industry leader in SMB vacation rental management nationwide, an honor we attribute to our team of pros who immerse themselves in more than just daily operations.  

Each member of our team is dedicated to continual self-improvement, which in turn leads to continual improvement of our services and innovative solutions as a company. Time and care is spent keeping abreast of on-going industry changes and trends and setting the bar for best practices year after year.

This dedication to an ever-changing industry and the thriving resort market of Coeur d’Alene is what makes us the vacation rental management team you can count on most.

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At Vacation Rental Authority, we’re on a mission to create an
uplifting and supportive environment
with resources to foster personal growth.

We believe in working
with clients, guests, and the community, treating each other with respect and doing the right thing.

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Join us in
creating the life you dream of
and let’s make great things happen together!


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Here at Vacation Rental Authority, you’ll find a team of people who love what we do. We care about creating opportunities and results in every area of our lives, which is the driving force and key to VRA’s on-going success.

Our shared mission is to create opportunities for growth, abundance and freedom in the lives of our owners, our local community and fellow team members. Through our core values we each strive to be our best, and in turn, have created one of the top rated places to work in Idaho!

Since 2012, the VRA Team have hosted thousands of guests, including eleven hundred groups in 2021. 

Through targeted marketing efforts, strategic pricing and value-add guest services, VRA consistently succeeds in achieving nightly rates and occupancy at the high end of our resort market, generating millions of dollars for clients each year.

Each member of our team has a deep love of Idaho, and enjoys representing our special lake town of Coeur d’ Alene to the outside world. We believe every vacation rental Guest helps the local economy, and can have a positive effect on local businesses throughout North Idaho.

Core Values

As we produce, serve, adapt and grow together as a team, and as part of our community, we believe in…

Clear Communication

Clear Communication is productive, effective and includes all pertinent details. To some this means being concise, to others it means being thorough, but in all cases Clear Communication requires more than one person with the willingness to understand each other.

Employee Empowerement

Employee Empowerment means we see value and potential for greatness in each team member. We encourage leadership, personal responsibility and a voice at the table for all roles within the company.

Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership both requires and allows us to integrate our personal and professional selves. We take responsibility and ownership of our shortcomings, learning from our mistakes and supporting others in theirs. We utilize our strengths and embrace our differences for the benefit of the team as a whole.

Comprehensive Growth

Comprehensive Growth is the willingness to accept personal and professional challenges as opportunities for improvement. We support each other in our drive and achievements as we learn, adapt, and advance both as a team and as individuals.

Unfettered Optimism

Unfettered Optimism means choosing to move forward in hope and confidence, knowing that together we can handle anything. We pro-actively pursue fresh perspectives and solutions as we willingly take on challenges.

Idaho’s Top Vacation Rental Team

At Vacation Rental Authority, we love what we do!
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VRA’s well-rounded office staff provides unparalleled service for you and your guests.

The Owner Services team gets you started with personalized onboarding and strategic goal setting, launching you and your property toward success from the beginning. Using professional photography, cutting-edge 3D imaging, and on-staff copywriters, we build a quality listing to attract your ideal guests. And with continued communication, we keep you informed of seasonal cycles, industry changes, and upgrades as we remain cutting-edge.

VRA’s Marketing team targets visitors from across the country and around the world, securing qualified guests specific to your vacation rental. VRA implements the most effective marketing strategies across multiple channels, evidenced by each client’s bottom line.

Our Guest Services team sets accurate expectations with your guests, providing them with all the necessary information to care for your property during their stay. With round-the-clock customer service and excellent communication systems, we create happy, repeat guests you’ll want to host for years to come. As a vacation rental owner, you’ll rest easy knowing you have the Pros on your team!

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Simply put, the professional Housekeeping team at VRA is second to none. Each team member undergoes training specific to the expectations of vacation rental guests and is led by a qualified and experienced Team Leader. Beyond cleaning, our team stages items, furniture, linens, towels, and more to create the “Wow” first impression each guest and owner deserve.

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Our Maintenance team is highly organized, experienced, and dedicated to the goal of maintaining (or increasing) the value of your property while keeping an eye on your bottom line.  Utilizing the latest in project management software, years of experience, and leadership from our unparalleled local Operations Manager, you can count on systematic execution of daily upkeep as well as 24/7/365 availability for potential emergencies.  Rest easy knowing you always have a professional member of the maintenance team looking out for your property.

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This proven leadership team has a combined experience of nearly 20 years in North Idaho vacation rental management.  Together, they lead the Office, Housekeeping and Maintenance teams to success on a daily basis, both in the field and from our VRA headquarters on Sherman Ave in Coeur d’Alene.

Proud to be named

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Vacation Rental Authority Inc was founded in 2012 by Robert and Cheryl Lantz of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.

Cheryl’s proven background in marketing, along with Robert’s history in construction, home systems and project management has made for an ideal foundation of knowledge and expertise. Together they have built a strong, local business that attracts visitors from around the world and is led by a highly engaged and experienced team of professionals.

The professional year-round team is proud to provide high quality services for properties in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding area. We are genuinely enthusiastic and appreciate the opportunity to work with clients, local vendor partners and thousands of guests each year.

Together Robert and Cheryl continue to take an active role in the vacation rental industry nationwide, as well as the local CDA short term market, ensuring the VRA Team is supported and abreast of the latest and most effective ongoing marketing, pricing strategies, technology platforms and operational best practices. 

Today Robert and Cheryl invest in local CDA properties and businesses, including CDA Property Pros, the overarching business name for a variety of local service real estate and tourism businesses including Vacation Rental Authority, Action Property Management, CDA Boat Rentals and CDA Pro Realty (brokered by Professional Realty Services Idaho).

The combination of a driven, experienced team on the ground and high level leadership with an eye on the ball brings the best possible results for our clients each and every day.


by Cheryl Lantz
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I’m often asked how we got into vacation rentals, and this is my story.

I am driven to learn new things, take action and advance everything around me.  In my twenties and early thirties I had a creative, fascinating career helping small businesses grow by developing and implementing custom marketing strategies.  

In 2010 we were in the midst of an economic downturn, and CDA wasn’t yet a tourist destination. One client owned an investment property in the fort grounds of Coeur d’Alene, and asked for my help to increase the investment’s income.  

Researching the vacation rental industry consumed me, and what I found was extraordinary opportunity.  Opportunity not only for her home, but for the entire CDA market.  There was money to be made throughout this beautiful town I love, and it was time to do my part in stimulating the local economy!

Within a year, my client’s revenue had doubled through a combination of pricing strategy and substantially higher occupancy than she could manage on her own.  The strategies employed were fun and repeatable, and soon sharing my love for Idaho became my single favorite project.

In 2012, Robert and I founded Vacation Rental Authority Inc from our living room in Post Falls, Idaho, with the mission of providing great property management services (which were much needed), while also helping to stimulate our local economy by bringing tourism dollars into Coeur d’Alene.

Over the years, we discovered that even more than property management, we have a passion for creating jobs and caring for our Team of talented, caring, driven professionals who love what they do.  With the VRA Team, I now get the opportunity to learn every day, encourage their dreams and take action to advance our economy, community and each of them.  Vacation Rental Authority is, very simply, a dream come true.